Premiär för filmen Blood in the Mobile idag!

Blood in the Mobile, en dokumentär av danske Frank Poulsen, har världspremiär i Danmark idag. Filmen ger bland annat en inblick i de fruktansvärda förhållandena i gruvan Bisie i östra Demokratiska Republiken Kongo som producerar kassiterit, dvs. tenn, till elektronikindustrin. Filmen kommer tyvärr inte visas på svenska biografer, men vi håller er uppdaterade om man kommer kunna få se den även här framöver.

Följande är en beskrivning av filmen från Blood in the Mobile’s hemsida:

Congolese children are staying for several days underground in narrow mine tunnels digging out minerals which are bought by the mobile phone industry and used in the production of our mobile phones. Filmmaker and activist Frank Poulsen realizes that in a way we are all – as consumers – keeping the wheels rolling in a totally unacceptable and illegal mining enterprise in Congo. Every time we communicate through our mobile phone, we are connected with the crimes in Congo.

On behalf of all consumers Frank travel to Congo to visit a mine, that exports illegal minerals and have a look with his own eyes. Frank gets access to a mine in Bisie in the Northeastern part of Congo and can prove that children down to the age of 12 work in the mine and that illegal mines like this are financing the ongoing war in the region. A war which have caused millions of deaths during the last 15 years.
Frank makes a decision: He wants to talk to the mobile producers to find out if they feel any kind of responsibility and to find out if they are willing to work for solutions.

Blood in the Mobile is a film that shows a direct connection between the suffering and bloodshed in the Eastern Congo and our phones. It is an investigation on how far responsibility goes and what we can do to change the situation.